Technical capabilities

Our experience and dedication delivers premium malt products

Our dedicated Malt technical centers in the US, Europe and Australia work hard to increase fermentability, achieve flavor stability, or find just the right flavor profile for your brew - from your seasonal to flagship brand.

We provide technical support, even silo and equipment financing, to help support your growth.Our technical teams have the experience and dedication it takes to develop the premium quality malt products that our customers require. In addition to our superb technical competence and exacting scientific methodology, we have the production experience - the extra ingredient that turns malt production into an art as well as a science - that makes our malt a dependably consistent product.

We welcome customers to consult directly with our experienced technical teams to create exciting new products. If you are developing a new recipe or looking at existing formulations and would like to discuss how a specific malt analysis would impact your beer, give us a call. We have several former professional brewers on staff at Cargill Malt that would be happy to discuss the details with you.