EverSweet™ zero-calorie sweetener

EverSweet™ next-generation sweetener. Calorie-free sweetness, inspired by nature.

Request a sample of EverSweet Sweetener today!The future is here and it’s sweeter than ever! Cargill’s EverSweet™ next-generation sweetener has great taste with up to 100% sugar replacement. It is made with the same sweetness that is found in the stevia leaf, to delight your taste buds with calorie-free joy.

Our secret? The age-old technique of fermentation - with a modern twist. Using a specially crafted baker’s yeast, our EverSweet™ sweetener delivers the best of the same sweetness in the stevia leaf.

At a time when more consumers are watching their calorie intake and striving to live a healthier lifestyle, our EverSweet™ sweetener offers a new, delicious choice for reduced and zero calorie food and beverages.

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Amazing taste

EverSweet sugar substitute has no aftertaste

EverSweet™ sweetener gives consumers the sweetness they crave, without the aftertaste common to previous stevia-based sweeteners at high use levels.
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EverSweet is a steviol glycoside sweetener

Cargill works to find ways to keep great tasting foods affordable. Fermentation is one way to make that happen. Many mealtime favorites, including yogurt, aged cheese, pickles, chocolate and coffee all depend on fermentation. One of the most common methods of fermentation uses baker’s yeast to convert simple sugars into some favorite foods and beverages including bread, beer and wine. Learn more >

Product Applications

How EverSweet is used in products

Consumers want to reduce calorie consumption, but refuse to compromise on taste. EverSweet™ sweetener helps product developers achieve those seemingly opposing ideas, making dramatic sugar reductions possible while still maintaining a high-quality sweetener profile. 
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EverSweet uses less land, is more sustainable

Our initial evaluation shows that producing our sweetener via fermentation will use significantly less land and emit significantly less CO2 than producing it via leaf.
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Food Safety

EverSweet is safe for you and your family

Food safety is our number one priority. The great-tasting steviol glycosides found in our sweetener are identical to those found naturally in stevia plant leaves, which have been safely consumed for hundreds of years.
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FAQs - EverSweet Sweetener

Your most frequently asked questions answered by our experts. 
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