Zerose® erythritol

Erythritol, a natural*, zero calorie, high digestive tolerance polyol, provides bulk, texture, high cooling effect and preservative benefits of sucrose in sugar-free and calorie-reduced products.  Zerose erythritolErythritol is suitable for dental health, weight management and sugar avoiders.

Erythritol is currently used as a bulk sweetener in reduced calorie foods to provide sweetness, as well as enhance taste and texture.

Erythritol, also known as a polyol or sugar alcohol, has a clean sweet taste that is similar to sucrose and it is odorless as well. Like other polyols, erythritol does not promote tooth decay and is safe for people with diabetes. However, erythritol’s caloric value of 0 calories* per gram and high digestive tolerance distinguishes it from some other polyols. 

Erythritol's consumer benefits 

  • Nutritional benefit

  • Dental benefit    

  • Clean, sweet taste similar to sugar with no aftertaste

  • Zero Calories

  • Suitable for people with diabetes because it does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels


Download the Zerose erythritol product brochure Zerose® Erythritol Product Brochure 

* FDA has not defined natural.  Contact Cargill for source and processing information.

Erythritol Applications




Dairy & Frozen Desserts


  • Tabletop sweetener
  • Oral care products
  • Pharmaceutical products




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