Warminster maltings – Wilts, UK

Warminster maltings has been supplying malt to the  brewing industry since before 1879, and is one of only a few remaining floor maltings in England and Wales. It produces malt of a quality that the purists would describe as a more natural product as compared to the malt produced in a modern pneumatic malt factory.

Not surprisingly the maltings has been awarded the Soil Associations ‘Organic’ symbol, and is one of the few sources of organic malt within the UK.

2Row Brewers malts

Warminster Marris Otter (2.5 – 3.5 L)

Maris Otter, the malting barley variety revered by brewers for the production of traditional cask ales, is floor malted for preferred flavor and performance.

Warminster Organic Pale Ale (2.5 – 3.5 L)

A malt of exceptional quality, floor malted and made from premium organic barley. Suitable for all organic ales.



Beverages - Alcoholic

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