Ireks Meussdoeffer German malts – Kulmbach, Germany

Since 1856 the name Ireks and Meussdoeffer have exemplified products of excellent quality made in accordance with the strict traditional rules of the Bavarian purity law. Located in the town of Kulmbach in the Bavaria region of Germany, Ireks supplies Germany’s best breweries.

Munich malt

Meussdoeffer Munich (5 – 6 L)

Produced with graduated kiln temperatures resulting in higher color and aromatic notes, Meussdoerffer Munich may be used to enhance body and aroma of dark beers, such as Bock and Bavarian Dark.

Colored malt

Meussdoerffer Vienna (2 – 3 L)

Higher kilning temperatures give Meussdoerffer Vienna malt its deep golden color and strong malt flavor. Best used in dark lagers and Marzen beer.



Beverages - Alcoholic

  • Brewing



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