Gambrinus Malting Corporation – British Columbia, Canada

Gambrinus Malting Corporation, located in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, began production in 1992 to provide the finest quality specialty malts to the brewing industry. With a production capacity of 5,000 tonnes and a desire to serve, Gambrinus is able to meet the specific needs of regional microbrewers.

2Row Brewers malt

ESB pale (3 – 4 L)

“Extra Special British” pale malt has been produced for brewers seeking a North American malt with the unique flavor imparted by British pale malt.

Organic 2row pale (1.5 – 2 L)

Produced from only the finest Certified Organic Canadian 2-row Barley, this malt is well modified, clean tasting and moderate in total protein.

Munich malts

Munich 10 (9 – 11 L)

This mellow kilned malt is ideal where unique malt flavor and rich aroma is sought.

Munich 30 (30 – 35 L)

This deep kilned malt is ideal where unique malt flavor and rich color is sought.

Colored malt

Vienna malt

Higher kilning temperatures give this Vienna malt its deep golden color and strong malt flavor.

Honey malt (15 – 20 L)

This malt is similar in style to German “brumalt,” but with its honey-like taste and residual sweetness, it really doesn’t compare to any other malt. Best used in brown ales, porters and stouts.



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