Conversion factors

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Liters Cubic Feet 0.0353
Liters oz. (Imp. Fluid) 35.196
Liters oz. (US Fluid) 33.814
Liters Gallons (Imp. Fluid) 0.2199
Liters Gallons (US Fluid) 0.2642
Hectoliters Gallons (Imp) 21.998
Hectoliters Gallons (US) 26.418
Hectoliters Liters 100.0
Beer Barrels (U.S.) Gallons (U.S.) 31.0
Beer Barrels (Imp.) Gallons (Imp.) 36.0
Beer Barrels (U.S.) Hectoliters 1.1734
Beer Barrels (U.S.) Cubic Feet 4.144
Gallons (U.S.) Liters 3.7854
Gallons (Imp.) Liters 4.5459
Gallons (U.S.) Gallons (Imp.) 0.8327
Gallons (U.S.) Ounces 128.0
Gallons (Imp.) Ounces 160.0
Ounces (Imp. Fluid) Milliliters 28.4123
Ounces (U.S, Fluid) Milliliters 29.5727
Cubic feet Liters 28.3168
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Pounds Kilograms 0.45359
Pounds Grams 453.59
Ounces Grams 28.35
Kilograms Pounds 2.2046
Tons (metric) Kilograms 1000.0
Tons (metric) Pounds 2204.6
Tons (metric) Tons (short) 1.102
Grams Kilograms 0.001
Grams Ounces 0.03527
Flow rate
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Liters / sec. Gallons / min. 13.1985
Liters / sec. Cubic feet / min. 2.1189
Gallons / min. Liters / min. 3.1519
Gallons / min. Cubic feet / min. 0.1113
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Celsius Fahrenheit 1.8 +32
Fahrenheit Celsius 0.55556

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