Baking bases for the blooming gluten-free market

Replace wheat flour with ingredient systems from Cargill to create gluten-free bakery products with the superior flavor and texture of traditional bakery products 

Gluten-free is a growing trend in the food processing world.  The gluten-free diet has grown in prevalence primarily due to the growing awareness of celiac disease, a growing number of people who believe a gluten-free diet can help chronic digestive complaints and boost energy, and various popular diets that restrict gluten. A strict gluten-free diet means no wheat, rye, barley and malt flavorings. Oats are often eliminated too. Everything from soy sauce to fried foods is off-limits because of one protein.  As a result, gluten-free bakeries are popping up in markets all over North America, and they are looking for ingredient solutions.

From a diet perspective, gluten-free consumers today are somewhat fortunate compared to just a few years ago. If diagnosed with celiac disease in the past, one of the first things informally learned was that gluten-free bread typically has inferior sensory attributes. However, food manufacturers and bakers have been busy improving the gluten-free image.  Food technology is bringing better gluten-free bakery products to the market now.

Leveraging our formulation know-how, technical expertise and extensive ingredient portfolio, Cargill produces gluten-free baking bases that have superior flavor and texture – more like traditional bakery products. By using Cargill’s gluten-free products, bakers can simplify their sourcing requirements by sourcing one gluten-free base rather than dozens of ingredients and ensuring they are each gluten-free.  Cargill’s baking bases are complete and customizable and use quality Cargill products such as canola oil, starches and sweeteners.

Cargill’s patent pending Gluten-Free Baking Bases replace gluten with ingredient systems to shorten the development curve and deliver authentic, satisfying taste. The results are bakery products with light, airy volume and a soft, moist texture.  Cargill’s patent pending technology delivers great taste for multiple applications including cookies, brownies, pancakes, cakes, muffins and breads.

Horizon Milling (a Cargill joint venture) has been working with a bakery customer for several years, supplying and refining gluten-free cake bases using Cargill’s Gluten-Free Baking Bases. The gluten-free cake bases are for yellow and chocolate cake and have been selling well, with orders increasing.  They want to be a leader in providing gluten-free bakery items to the healthcare segment, grocery stores and nursing homes, as they have unmet  gluten-free needs.  

Cargill’s food technology brings better gluten-free bakery products right now to help support those seeking a gluten-free diet.