Beyond products of quality

More than offering products with high quality, Cargill produces exclusive items to supply special and personalized demands from clients. The company evaluates the processes, promotes improvement and invests in new production technologies aiming opportunities to manufacture new products. Besides powder, butter and liquor, the company develops products and systems with differentiated properties and added value to various applications through its Research and Development team.

Innovative solutions which meet consumers’ kinesthetic and nutritional expectations 

Technical support is as important and fundamental as the regular product production. Based on innovation and valuable ideas and the knowledge obtained in other operations, the company provides support to the development of new products and processes to clients. Moreover, it is one of the largest companies in the international market of food ingredients with differentiated experience in risk management.

The company in Brazil works connected to Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate in Europe and the United States, besides other Cargill’s business units with the purpose of providing foods and drinks industries with a wide and diversified line of ingredients.


Some Cargill products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the Cargill product, its use and usage levels, (ii) the customer's product and its use, and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations.