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Cargill BIOasis Biotechnology Co-location


Grow your business through a co-location partnership

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The resources to build your business

In the growing, fast-paced world of biotechnology, the path to get a new product to market is complex, especially for an emerging business. Scaling bio-processes means addressing many challenges, from piloting, to building assets, accessing venture capital, all while managing costs and more.

How can you tackle these obstacles while increasing the chances of realizing your long-term goals? A co-location partnership with a recognized and trusted feedstock and service provider is the perfect solution to explore.

Operating costs that won’t break the bank

Cargill's BIOasis helps biotechnology processors repeatedly lower their operating costs with its co-location model. By co-locating, commercialization becomes more affordable because there is no need to manage inventory or build new infrastructure. It will already be in place along with a continuous direct stream of dextrose and other corn-based feedstocks piped directly to your facility.


capital investment when you need it most

Capital investment when you need it most

Biotechnology processing companies seeking to refine their technology, and build assets to scale up production require a significant investment of time and money. With BIOasis, venture capital investments are a funding option to support the growth of your business.

This funding assistance, coupled with Cargill’s operational and technical expertise, make Cargill an ideal partner to help see your business scale up for larger production where many companies have historically struggled.

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